Stick Cats #8

Previously in Stick Cats: Amazonia told the legend of the Catnip Rose while Steve and Marmalade checked out its incredible molecular structure. With no time to waste, the Cats decided to eat the flower's petals in an attempt to locate the Octo-Kitty...

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Stick Cats #8
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Surprised? I hope you are!!! The fantabulous Katie Henderson was kind enough to draw today's comic, and I think it looks gorgeous! You've gotta make sure to check out the larger version because there's so much incredible detail in there. In fact, there's so much detail that I think I messed this comic up with the letters!

And make sure to get yer butts back here next week when Katie does another guest week of monumental Octo-Kitty sized proportions!!!

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5 Responses to “Stick Cats #8”

  1. Katie says:

    What surprises me the most, is how it occurred to me that the hills in Starry Night look just like The Great Wave. I swear I'm not tripping.

  2. Nick Marino says:

    Yeah, I LOVE THAT PART! It's totally brilliant. A seamless transition. Well done.

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  4. [...] hard to break into the animation business. While Katie's done comics in the past (see below, from Stick Cats #8), she doesn't necessarily feel it's the medium [...]

  5. [...] to break into the animation business. While Katie’s done comics in the past (see below, from Stick Cats #8), she doesn’t necessarily feel it’s the medium for [...]