Monster Guy - Final

It's the end of the Monster Guy artistic process series!!

I showed you the line art, explained why I decided to use color holds, and shared my interior colors. The only differences between this final version and the interior colors are that I decided the final needed a background color to properly pop, and I also added some raw color edges to the monster.

Those raw color edges may look familiar to you if you've been following this series. I showed them to you back in my blog post about the color line art. The raw edge is actually the messy color I painted beneath the white line art shell to create my knockouts in the first place. I clicked them on by mistake when I was editing the layers of this piece, and I decided I liked how they looked. Accidental awesome!

Thx for checking out the artistic process of this sketch. If you dig Monster Guy, you can buy a print of it on deviantART.

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