Stick Cats #3 teaser

I don't have scanner access right now, but I refuse to miss my Monday Stick Cats post!!! So I took a picture of this week's comic in its raw form:

I'll post the finished (and potentially altered version) of Stick Cats #3 this Wednesday, April 27th. And in case you were wondering... YES, those are He-Man bed sheets in the background.

3 Responses to “Stick Cats #3 teaser”

  1. ross says:

    are the only differences the VROOM deletion and the lines in the door?

    i wish i had He-Man sheets, but how could anyone possibly tell what they are in this photo? it doesn't look like anything much less bed sheets.

  2. Nick Marino says:

    yeah, i deleted the VROOM, got rid of the marks on the street, and added some horizontal lines to the doorway. oh and i changed "MLLK SHACK" to "MILK SHACK" and raised both of the signs a little bit.

    here's the original picture: can you tell they're He-Man sheets in that one?

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