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#8 - Mousepool

As a kid, I never would have dreamed that a former psychotic murderer / black ops assassin would have become the lead in an all-ages billion dollar movie franchise and have his face plastered on stuffed animals and children's clothing across the world. But that's exactly what Marvel's done with Wolverine.

So I figure it's not that far of a stretch to imagine that -- in another 20 years -- Deadpool will be a plush kiddie toy and an international superhero icon. Thus A Deadpool A Day brings you a vision from the future... a future wherein Marvel (and their parent company, Disney) have decided to promote Deadpool IV: Cable's Gambit all over Disneyworld with a Mickey Mouse / Merc with a Mouth mashup.

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3 Responses to “A Deadpool A Day - Mousepool”

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  2. He's probably going to need his own movie to get to that point, but that's not out of the question.

    • Nick Marino says:

      yeah, probably. or maybe just a big part in another flick! i know they keep saying that a Deadpool movie could happen, but i'll believe it when i see it!!!