A Deadpool A Day - Swordpool

Introducing a NEW daily sketch series that'll be running here on NickMarino.net for the rest of December...

A Deadpool A Day

Deadpool - Swordpool

#1 - Swordpool

Backstory: I was at Pittsburgh's Steel City Con a couple weeks ago. I was without accessible electricity or Internet. Forced to use pen and paper *gasp*, I inadvertently stumbled onto a formula for drawing a simple stick figure Deadpool.

I went nuts on the concept and busted out 20 of them from Friday thru Sunday. So for the rest of 2010, I'll be posting one-a-day until you're screaming "Make it stop, Nick! No more Deadpool!!!"

- A Deadpool A Day - #1 Swordpool on Flickr
- A Deadpool A Day - #1 Swordpool on deviantART

6 Responses to “A Deadpool A Day - Swordpool”

  1. I smell a collaboration if you have access to a full color laser printer.

  2. admin says:

    i don't!!! but i'm still down for a collabo. what are you thinking?

    • All I know about Deadpool is he's got a mechanical hand, tells a lot of corny jokes, kills people, & I think he might be Canadian & therefore impossible to kill? I need any more info to write a DP script for you?

      • Send me an email on it. Who knows when I'll remember to check the comments again.....

        • Nick Marino says:

          you got everything right except for the mechanical hand -- that's Cable. but i think it would be funny if your script gave him a mechanical hand because he's suffering from Cable envy. and yeah, i'll email you.

  3. Nick Marino says:

    haha i just realized my comment posted as admin. whoops! that's what i get for switching web hosts.