Check out my newest song in the 3 Chicks podcast!!!

My latest work is an unnamed podcast theme for the brand-spanking-new 3 Chicks Review Comics show. Listen to the (very) short version of the 3 Chicks opening theme right now:

I'm still trying to settle on a name for the instrumental version of this song. What I do know is that it'll make it onto my next album, 7 Star Sky Flash Kick. I made a semi-vocal version for Kelly Thompson featuring Juicy shouting "3 Chicks!," as well as a special surprise by myself. BUUUTTT I'm not going to reveal said surprise just yet -- so keep an ear out for when I'm ready to put it out there. It's pretty sweet.

In the meantime, you can listen to 3 Chicks #1 on PodOmatic (most likely a temporary home) and then go leave a comment on the 3 Chicks #1 post on CSBG (after you leave a comment here, that is!!!).