Nik Furious: Brilliant Shower sampler

UPDATE 02/19/2013 - Now you can download all of Brilliant Shower for free. I re-released the album in 2012, detailing the creation of each song through a series of blog posts. Check 'em out at the link!

UPDATE 01/27/2011 - Listen to the full album!!! (I thought all of Brilliant Shower was streaming below, but it was just 30 second snippets. Whoops! My bad. But now that's fixed and you can listen to the full album in all its glory.)

Brilliant Shower Tracklist:
01. After the Wink
02. Bacon
03. Essential
04. In Vert Head
05. Invisible
06. Purple Suite
07. RAW
08. Remix the Phoenix
09. Speechless
10. Street Drums
11. Summers
12. Uncanny
13. Wallcrawler

If you want to get a feel for the full album without listening to the whole thing, here's a 6.5 minute sampler featuring 30 seconds from each of the 13 songs: