no good name for this guy yet...

I tested out a new digital style at Dr. Sketchy's last night, and I like the look:

I also dig the subject. I've been wanting to work with a personified cactus character for some time now, and I guess this is the culmination of my previous efforts.

I've made some earlier attempts here and there, but nothing quite so solid. Anyway, I'm thinking that this guy will be the subject of my 24 Hour Comics Day effort this year.

5 Responses to “no good name for this guy yet...”

  1. nick marino says:


  2. Sean says:

    Hey Nick - just saw your FB post about your song (cool stuff by the way) and decided to check out your toons while I was here. Noticed you were looking for a name for the cactus dude, and after a google search, came up with Saguaro, only to see you had already thought of that! Oh well, maybe that locks in the name, eh? Here's some more info:

    Saguaro pronounced se-WAR-oh, may have as many as a dozen armlike branches. Maybe that will work into your character - he could grow extra limbs at will...

  3. nick marino says:

    hahaha nice! i'll take that as two votes for Saguaro!

    i'm gonna use both suggestions i've had so far -- on FB, a friend suggested Maximus Cactus, which i dig, but i prefer Maximum Cactus. and your/mine Saguaro name is great cause it's totally what he is.

    so anyway, for this year's 24 Hours Comics Day, my comic is gonna be called Maximum Cactus and Saguaro is gonna be the name of the main character.

  4. Byron says:

    Rick the Prick and he can hang with Nick the Dick. 😉

  5. nick marino says:

    how appropriate yet rude.