Introducing Pepper AND the Underground!

I've got two awesome things to introduce, both at the same time:

- My new comics project - Pepper Jones, Adventure Scientist
- A new comics creator collective I'm building - Sequential Underground

Over on the new Sequential Underground blog, I've put up the first page from Act I of my new Pepper Jones script. It's an interesting project, so pop over to the script sample post and find out more about this excellent project.

As for Sequential Underground, it's a new initiative formed by some local Pittsburgh comics creators to help cross-promote our different works and, in turn, create a more interactive comics community.

I'm sure I'll be sharing more about both of these projects in the upcoming months, so keep an eye peeled for Pepper and SU updates on the regular.

One Response to “Introducing Pepper AND the Underground!”

  1. joe lewis says:

    Pepper Jones, eh? Im glad I finally looked into what ur up to nowadays. comic creator? love it! Me too sort of! the sequential underground sounds like an epic and fantastic idea. keep me up to date on how that progresses!