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it's time to wipe your eyeballs all over the Time Log graphic novel

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

This is a story that had a loooong development process. It began nearly 15 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA. You can read a bit about that extensive history here.

From 2010 to 2012, I self-published four issues of Time Log. These quirky sci-fi comics came in different shapes and sizes. And they traveled with me to conventions in Buffalo, Austin, Toronto, New York City, and beyond.

Originally a one-shot, my collaborators and I followed it up with a 60-page webcomic. When I moved to Long Beach, CA in 2013, I began remixing the black and white pages from the Time Log one-shot into the same color format as the webcomic. Then I went through and remastered the entire shebang.

That's how the Time Log graphic novel came into existence. I intended to sell it through ComiXology Submit, howwweverrrr... it was rejected.

But my loss is your gain! Here's a free PDF of the remixed and remastered story:

Time Log graphic novel (108 pages, 40 MB)

The first half is by Pete Borrebach (writer), Shawn Atkins (penciler and cover artist), and yours truly (writer, inker, colorist, and letterer). Those roles continue into the second half of the story, only some of my duties are taken over by Paige Shoemaker (inker) and Justique Woolridge (colorist) while I become more of an editor.

Here's a preview of the story in case you wanna try it before you buy d/l it:

And here are PDFs of the original Time Log issues:

Time Log one-shot (28 pages, 14 MB) printed in April 2010

The New Time Log #1 (20 pages, 17 MB) printed in March 2011

The New Time Log #2 (22 pages, 18 MB) printed in September 2011

The New Time Log #3 (25 pages, 19 MB) printed in March 2012

(If you're interested in the creative process behind these comics, Shawn and I recorded a few podcasts for the AudioShocker's Sequential Underground that outline different aspects of Time Log's production. You can hear them here.)

Look, Time Log's not perfect. It has plenty of inconsistencies. It can be confusing at times. And there are lots of things I'd like to change.

But it was an invaluable learning experience for me. As a new comics creator, it taught me the folly of my hubris and helped me understand the extensive journey of taking a long story from concept to completion.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Pictures of my comics: a walking tour

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Yesterday, I had to get some Stick Cats pages cut, and I decided to hunker down and fold them at the same place. Here's a serene shot of the folding in progress:

Later, on the way to my next destination, I passed by Pittsburgh's Stephen Foster statue... the same statue which is at the center of the plot of my Time Log comics. So I figured it'd be a great time for a photo op:

I left that copy of Time Log at the statue. I hope it's found a good home!

Then it was onto my final stop -- Phantom of the Attic Comics (Oakland) on Craig Street. I picked up some awesome comics (thx to Wayne for pulling those issues of Black Panther and Bill & Ted for me!). And I dropped off my newly packaged AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic cards (thx to Jimmy!):

I'll have all of these items and more at my upcoming appearances at STAPLE in Austin, TX on March 3-4 and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in Buffalo, NY on March 24.

And I'm sure I'll also have them in some form or another at SPX this Fall in Bethesda, MD (yes, I'm officially an exhibitor).

Listen to me talk, watch me (sorta) use an iPad

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I was the lucky winner of a contest held by TopWebComics.com at the end of March. The prize? An iPad!!!

This video is my thank you to Richard from TWC, and it's also a chance for me to show off Super Haters on the iPad, not to mention Time Log on the Kindle app (which I obviously don't know how to use very well). Plus, there's a little peak at the AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic card.

Oh, hey, while you're at it, you should go vote for Super Haters on TWC!