Why is Jonah neon?

Reader Tammy P. Morganson from Indianola, Iowa asks:

Dear Nick,

Why is Jonah neon in your story "The Edge of the Earth" from the 2013 FCBD digital comic book, My Name Is Jonah #3?

What happened to his normal skin and hair and sunglasses and boots and underwear? Did he go to a Dayglow paint party or something?

Sincerely yours,
Tammy Pammy Morganson

Hi, Tammy! There's a simple explanation for why Jonah is neon in my story...

See, to access the second dimension, Jonah had to battle the Excervasitor. He's a demon who protects the barrier between the third dimension (our reality) and the second dimension (comic book reality).

Artist's rendering of Jonah battling the Excervasitor.

Jonah slayed the Excervasitor, but in the process he ruptured the known light spectrum. Bathed in heretofore unknown forms of light energy, Jonah's fundamental atomic structure was altered.

This experience distorted Jonah's refractive capabilities, causing him to appear neon in "The Edge of the Earth" from My Name Is Jonah #3.

I hope that answers your question!!

P.S. Jonah did attend a Dayglow paint party (now officially known as Life in Color parties) earlier in the week. However, that was merely a coincidence.

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