all four issues come together to form the Holy F*ck Megazord!

Is it a trade paperback? A graphic novel? A polished turd?

Frankly, I don't give a shit what you call this collected edition of my Action Lab: Danger Zone miniseries, Holy F*ck, as long as you buy the goddamn thing.

Here's the amazing cover by Daniel Arruda Massa:

And here's our blurb in the Feb 2015 PREVIEWS catalog:

Holy F*ck TPB
Writer: Nick Marino
Artist: Daniel Arruda Massa

Sister Maria has recruited two horny drug-fueled weirdos to stop the apocalypse. Their names? Jesus and Satan. Can these biblical frenemies help this nun with a gun defeat an army of pissed off mythological gods? Only one thing’s for sure — it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Collecting the controversially contagious Holy F*ck #1-4.

128 pgs. / Mature Readers / FC / $14.99 / Item Code: FEB150892

So there ya go. All four Holy F*ck comic books have heard the call. Now they're suiting up and combining into their ultimate form... a $15 book!

Buy it at your comic shop or order it from Amazon.

Holy F*ck was originally created as a graphic novel and later split into quarters at the behest of our publisher. Which is totally fine. I love the covers and I think the tale's pacing happened to fit the separate issues well. Daniel and I always knew splitting it up might be a possibility, so we covered our asses in preparation. [Insert Preparation H joke.]

But now I'm just rambling.

My point is that our story was conceived to be read in one big chunk and you can finally do that this spring. So go tell your comic shop that you want the Holy F*ck TPB!

UPDATE: I almost forgot! You can read previews of all four issues...
Holy F*ck #1 -- Holy F*ck #2 -- Holy F*ck #3 -- Holy F*ck #4