Take a taste of the latest twisted Super Haters tale, Super Hungry

My irreverent superhero satire webcomic, Super Haters, is ending later this month on its 5th anniversary. To make that happen, I'm posting new comics Mon-Fri for the month of June.

My first of three new Super Haters story arcs wrapped today. And this new twisted tale features the stellar art stylings of Francisco Gruel.

Super Hungry follows Destruct-O-Tron as he struggles with body image issues and makes a string of questionable decisions.

You can read the full NSFW six-page tale as a PDF, a Facebook photo album, or a giant single image on deviantART.

Francisco and I birthed the bizarre plot together a few months ago. I scripted it, he illustrated it, and then I colored and lettered it.

I hope this story leaves you craving more Haters!