The Sandwich in 'Muppets from Space'

This week I participated in the Muppet Art Collab, a fanart Tumblr organized by @Zwoltopia. It's a fun collection of Muppet drawings featuring nearly 200 characters by as many artists.

I detailed the reason why I chose The Sandwich on my own Tumblr blog earlier today. I also posted a wordballoon free version of my drawing on deviantART.

The Sandwich is only in Muppets from Space for one brief scene, and because of that there aren't many pictures of the puppet online. So I made a few screencaps of its conversation with Gonzo:

And, uhhhhh, yeah... Gonzo eats The Sandwich. So I don't expect to see the character again! (But don't worry -- The Sandwich was never alive. Gonzo's alien relatives just used it to communicate with him when he was locked up in a holding cell.)