Elliot needs me to vouch for a new hire

Sometimes fortune smiles down upon me and an email meant for another Nick Marino lands in my inbox. Actually, it's not just sometimes... it's all of the time.

I received this gem bright and early on Tuesday morning:

Elliot definitely emailed the wrong Nick Marino. I don't know Will BLANK and I never worked with Christopher BLANK.

In fact, I think I know the Nick Marino that Elliot's trying to reach. I guess I could've told him that he emailed the wrong guy. But where's the fun in that?!?

I guess that is the kind of person Elliot wants working for him because I'm still waiting for a reply. Anyway, congrats on your new job, Chris!!!

P.S. If you're wondering "Did Nick Google Chris's name, find one of his prom photos, and Photoshop Hitler's face onto his lovely date?" the answer is YES.