Joe wants to help me sell my house

Only problem is that I don't have a house. And Joe emailed the wrong guy.

See, I get a lot of emails meant for other people named Nick Marino. In fact, not long ago I got an email from a guy named Troy who sent me a pair of Boston Bruins tickets and said:

Sorry, Troy. I don't like hockey. And even if I did, I don't know anyone who'd jump my bones just because I took them to a Bruins game.

Anyway, back to Joe. He sent me an email last night that said:

Joe's obviously got a handle on this selling houses thing. But he's still a little shaky when it comes to emailing the right Nick Marino. I decided to write him back:

I thought that would effectively end the conversation. Joe, however, has a good sense of humor and assumed that his potential client was just pulling his leg:

I figured this was a great opportunity to step up the insanity and test Joe's ability to handle a hostage situation:

Joe was starting to get the idea:

I couldn't resist the chance to ride this all the way to the finish line:

I'm still waiting to hear back from Joe.