Nik Furious: Sunday Best: Ooo Ahh

Though the forceful vocal runs of Bobby Kimball dominate this beat, I think the drums are the true star of the song. The percussion here is a stew of Jeff Porcaro's punchy drum kit and the knock of my digital drums.

This track is culled from Hold the Line by Toto, which is a fun late 70s rock song performed by fantastic musicians. I was drawn to the song by its chord progression and I had a great time breaking it down into the loops that form Ooo Ahh.

This beat was made in late 2005, which was an odd time for me as a solo musician. I'd been in constant, obsessive beat creation mode from late 2004 to early 2005. But when I moved back to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2005, I all but stopped creating new instrumentals. Instead, I played music with my friends and tried to find rappers to rhyme over the beats I'd already produced.

Ooo Ahh was one of the rare new beats I produced during that time. Personally, when I listen to it I can hear passionate repression bundled up into this one track, as if I took enough energy to produce five beats but funneled it into a single song.