Nik Furious: Sunday Best: Numb Brrr Won

I abhor beginning a song with a fade in. But for Numb Brrr Won, it just felt right.

This song is an instrumental remix of Your Love Is On The One by Lakeside. It's a 1980 funk song that has this fantastic, squeaky synth melody and growling bass line.

I was fortunate enough to catch Lakeside live in concert last year in Phoenix, AZ at the Masters of Funk tour. They tore it up. In my opinion, they were the best act on stage. And that's saying a lot because they had tons of competition!

Lakeside dressed as pirates

Anyway, back to this remix. The sampling here is pretty simple. I pulled together a few different sections of the non-vocal beat that lined up well and I mashed them together. Then I had some fun cutting up the samples and turning them into shorter, punchier loops. Then I slapped some effects on top and that was that!