Nik Furious: Sunday Best: Infinity Well

This has gotta be the laziest beat on Sunday Best! Like the previous track, Infinity Well was originally made for me and me only. But unlike most of the songs on this mixtape, I didn't feel the need to transform this sample into something else. I just wanted to extend the fantastic sound.

Why? Because the intro to Keep It Comin' by The Jones Girls is so fucking hot! Tight drums, funky bass, and smooth synth. If the song didn't come out in 1984, I would say that I must of made it in a previous life.

I first heard Keep It Comin' when I was researching songs produced by one of my favorite funk musicians and songwriters, Keni Burke. I tend to gravitate to songs written and produced by bass players, and Keni's production work with The Jones Girls is no exception.

Thanos stands before the Infinity Well

The title of the song is a tribute to one of Jim Starlin's kickass cosmic concepts. The image above -- by Ron Lim, John Beatty, Tom Vincent, and Ken Bruzenak -- depicts Thanos as he stands before the Infinity Well in The Thanos Quest #1. It's a fascinating and philosophical scene from an amazing story.

When it came time to title this remix, the splashy and sparse nature of it instantly reminded me of the Infinity Well. The name was a no-brainer!