I began drawing Passage on the bus to-and-from work in 2010 as an exercise in improvisation and steadiness of hand (buses are really goddamn shaky!).

Primarily, I tasked myself with avoiding faces and bodies, instead focusing on objects and settings as the primary subjects of the story's art.

I finished the tale and debuted the Passage minicomic at the 2011 SPACE convention in Columbus, OH. Earlier this year, I gave away reformatted copies of Passage as freebies at the 2012 STAPLE convention in Austin, TX.

But with the exception of this 2011 video of me sewing copies of Passage, I've been pretty quiet about it online... until now! I'm excited to finally present a panel-by-panel digital version of this short sci-fi comic:

You can also download a PDF of Passage or read Passage on Issuu.