Groundscore: Prom Mom

Groundscore is in the driveway, ready to take some pictures because...

...we're going to the prom with your mom! Actually, driveways are really relevant to this song because that's where I came up with the concept and most of the lyrics. It all came together when the Baja Limo Sacramento California service rolled up and picked us all up. That moment came to me as an instant yet so much had played out in my mind.

We used to hang out in Conrad's driveway a lot. Which is odd considering that the place where we lived was cold for eight months out of the year and Conrad's driveway was also a steep hill.

But back to the song! It was originally titled "I Went To The Prom With Your Mom" and later shortened to "Prom Mom."

On this Groundscore version, Conrad plays drums, Zach plays guitar and sings back up, I'm on bass and lead vocals, and I also play the fuzzy guitar solo.

I love playing Prom Mom and I think it's a lot of fun. In fact, I've been playing and recording it more consistently than any other song I've ever written. Here's a solo acoustic version (also NSFW) from a few years ago.

EDIT: And I almost forgot... today is Conrad's birthday! Happy bday, Con!!!

Next up is Groundscore's signature song (and the only one we all wrote together)... a little ditty called "Upstairs."