Groundscore: Bambi Lives

Okay! I'm gonna do something a little different here for the next couple months and feature some music by an old band of mine, Groundscore.

Long before I ever made instrumental music and hip hop beats as Nik Furious, I was part of a teenage pop punk trio. We originally named ourselves Bambi Lives, but had an identity crisis along the way and changed our name to Groundscore.

We called ourselves "the rotating power trio" because we'd switch instruments during our performances and recordings. My best friend Conrad Knapp played drums, guitar, and occasionally bass. Our new friend Zach Wendell was a mega guitar whizz who sometimes switched to bass and very occasionally drums. I played bass, drums, and a tiny bit of guitar. We all took turns singing (but Zach was the best).

However, on this first of eight songs I'll be sharing with you, no one sings. In fact, this was the only instrumental track on our eponymous self-produced debut album. At the time, we called it "Nick's Instrumental," but I've decided to rename it "Bambi Lives" in honor of our original moniker. Give it a listen!

Though it's obviously not a substantive song, it's a teaser of things to come! As for the credits, I know Conrad is playing the drums, and I think that's me playing bass. Guitar is where this one gets a little tricky because this was just a practice track during our recordings. It could have been anyone one of the three of us!!!

Anyway, be back here next week for a Conrad Knapp ditty about love, loss, and a cheesy 90s pop star... a song called "Mandy Moore"!!!