Nik Furious: Piece of Cake: Legal Green

I love this beat! Can anyone guess which superhero it's a tribute to? (It's pretty damn easy if you think about it for a second, and NO it's not a tribute to the legalization of marijuana, but you can believe that if it makes you happy.)

This song is probably the most disco-ish beat in my catalog, which, honestly makes me proud. I grew up jamming to disco music and I learned a lot from the way instruments were layered by disco music producers.

The voice in this song is saying something... I think in the original song, the guy is singing "That's jealously!" But I prefer to hear him saying "That's what I say!" 1) Because it makes no sense in context because this is an instrumental and he's not saying anything. And 2) because I think that phrase has a nice ring to it.