Green Thursdays - Skate Lantern

Green Thursdays - Skate Lantern

Welcome to my new sketch series, Green Thursdays! I really enjoyed posting A Deadpool A Day in December, but DAAAAAMN it's a lot of work maintaining a daily sketch series. I think weekly is much more my speed.

As you can see, the current subject is none other than Green Lantern. Don't worry if it's Hal or John or Kyle or Guy... just know that it's a wiseass stick figure who somehow managed to score a green power ring and now said stick figure is living it up, Lantern style!

I mean, Green Lantern's powers are all about wish fulfillment, right? So expect to see both hilarious and serious wish fulfillment scenarios here on Green Thursdays.

In fact, today's Skate Lantern is a wish fulfillment of my own -- many of you may not know it, but I've always wanted to be badass skateboarder! But I didn't enjoy practicing tricks, and instead I focused on cartooning and music (which I did enjoy practicing). That's why is full of sketches and songs, and not pics of me tearing up a half-pipe.

Anyhoo, Green Lantern will be the focus of Green Thursdays for the foreseeable future, so be back here next week for more power ring shenannigans!!!

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