I'm a Finalist for the 2010 SPACE Prize!

Super Haters has made it to the final round! Granted, the entries in the Webcomics category were a little thin and EVERYONE made it to the final round... but I'm still in it, goddamn it!!!

Big congrats to my friends and acquaintances who are also nominated -- Josh Blair and Pat Lewis. I'm glad they're not in my category cause they have a great shot at winning their own respective SPACE Prizes!

If you were a SPACE 2010 exhibitor and you're interested in finding out more about my entry before you vote, here are the ways you can check out my eligible Super Haters comic strips:

- Start with Super Haters #1 on the AudioShocker (read up to #41)
- Read Super Haters #1-41 as a photo album on Facebook
- Read Super Haters #1-41 as a set on Flickr
- Download Super Haters #1-41 as a single PDF (about 6.75 MB)
- See the Super Haters Master List to pick and choose individual strips

Also make sure to check out SuperHaters.com. It's featuring slightly remixed versions of my original Super Haters strips that ran on the AudioShocker, as well as collected story arcs and some other goodies. New material starts on Groundhog's Day 2011. AND make sure to hit up the Super Haters on Facebook and become a fan!

Thx to Bob Corby for allowing Super Haters into the running and thx to any 2010 SPACE exhibitors who vote for the Haters (deadline is Jan 31st, 2011)!!!