, Lumpy Self Portrait, and More

- OMG, how could I not post this??? The Super Haters have their own website now... the redundantly named!!! The webcomic is going daily (it is only talking heads, after all...), and I'm creating some lead time by reposting the original 64 comic strips that ran on the AudioShocker (and Drunk Duck, too).

- A lumpy, heavily photo-ref'd self portrait:

- Warning to all podcasters out there using podPress on their WordPress blogs: don't update to podPress 8.8.8! It's got some weird flaw that kills your podcast RSS feed. Stick with I had to find that out the hard way.

- I'm launching a daily sketch series next Monday called A Deadpool A Day in December. I was at the Steel City Con over the weekend, and the stupid Monroeville Convention Center doesn't have wifi or openly accessible electricity for vendors, so I was forced to use pen and paper. My Deadpool sketches will run daily though the end of the month.

- Ongoing: Time Log, AudioShocker Podcast, A Podcast with Ross and Nick (and EXTREME), Sequential Underground, Soulboxer, Pepper Jones, and CENSORED (hehe).