Listen to the Superior Tech Mixtape Mix

I joined PodOMatic recently because Kelly Thompson posted her new 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast on there (featuring a 3 Chicks theme by Nik Furious). Well, it was only a matter of time before I got Furious in on the fun himself.

I put together a continuous mix of the tracks from the Superior Tech mixtape... a little something I like to call the Superior Tech Mixtape Mix (I'd embed it here except that the PodOMatic player width is a little large for my blog AND it autoplays).

So hit up this first of my Mixtape Mixes and lemme know what you think! I've discovered that PodOMatic is a fantastic community of proactive musicians and DJs, so it's worth popping by the site anyway. And of course, if you sign up, swing by the Nik Furious PodOMatic profile and friend me up!