Makin' Moves in Music

I've got a couple of things going on musically that I want to share:

First off, my new custom-made theme for the Comic Book Pitt podcast is live! Tune into CPB #51 to hear it, and then stick around to listen to DanG and the Duke dig into some deep conversation about what they've been reading.

Secondly, I've got a new Nik Furious fan page, so if you're on Facebook, stop over and hit the Like button! In fact, you can just hit the Like button right here:

Finally, I've decided on the name of my next album: 7 Star Sky Flash Kick. It'll feature the aforementioned Steel Adamantium (the CBP theme song), as well as the theme to A Podcast with Ross and Nick and a bunch of other diverse instrumental songs.

Anyone out there know where the 7 Star Sky Flash Kick name comes from?