Buy My Comic on Amazon! (uhhh, and other places...)

I'm kinda stoked cause the long and hard journey of getting my comic book optimized and correctly uploaded to Amazon's Kindle store has finally been achieved. The Time Log one-shot is selling for $2.99 and looks great on both the Kindle DX and the iPad (thx to Neal for testing out the iPad version).

I think that I maybe posted about this before, but you can also buy Time Log digitally as a PDF from DriveThruComics, where it retails for $1.99.

As for future digital platforms, I'm still holding out hope that ComiXology or iVerse will get back to me (well, it's been a while, so I'm not holding out too much hope...) and I'm looking into some other non-conventional comics avenues. I think that the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader might also be in the cards for Time Log, as well as some other eReader devices.

If anyone knows about a good site or eBook device I should hook up with to sell Time Log, gimme a shout!