Who is Nik Furious?

“Nik Furious” is one of the names I use to make music, focusing specifically on instrumental music. It could be a hip hop beat or a rock song or an electronic jam or something inbetween… but about 99% of the time, the music is instrumental.

Over at my blog, the AudioShocker, I used to run a feature called the Beatcast. This was mostly a spotlight for Nik Furious music. That tradition will continue here, as I plan to post a ton of unheard Nik Furious instrumental music, ranging from sampled beats to unique originals.

That’ll start once I get my podcasting plugin all set up. In the meantime, you can buy the first Nik Furious album — stuffed with 13 awesome original instrumental tracks — on iTunes (watch out! the iTunes link will try to launch the program), Amazon, and just about every other online music store out there.

UPDATE: Nik Furious has left the above stores! All Nik Furious music can now be found for free here on this blog or at NikFurious.com.

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