The Rise of Dirty Weekend (2001)

What began less than a year earlier as two college friends playing stupid songs on their acoustic guitars in their freshman year dorm rooms had quickly morphed into a full rock band with a shit load of original songs.

Me as I take flight during our set at the Underground.

As Dirty Weekend, most of us had ambitious aspirations to become professional musicians… but we needed to play a few local shows before we could even think about rising up the charts.

Our first live gig as a full band was at The Underground, one of the restaurants on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus. We didn’t care that the majority our audience would be indifferent students just trying to chow down and split — we went all out and planned a massive NSFW set list:

Overall, I think it’s pretty damn good for a bunch of college kids playing their first gig as a full band.

When we weren’t playing shows, we spent a lot of time practicing in our dorm rooms. Here are two clips of us working out the kinks. First up is the intro to Mr. Oinkle and second is a rendition of Prom Mom*:

We were ready to play anywhere at any time. So one month later, we leapt at the chance to perform during Jam for Justice II: The Reckoning, a charity event put on by CMU’s chapter of Amnesty International. We performed a shorter set with a bit less umph than our previous outing:

But we had a kickass time despite our average performance. And now that we had a few tastes of playing our brand of shock rock live, we we hungered to take things waaaay over the top in 2002!

Little did we know that the next year would soon be our undoing…

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* Prom Mom was a tune I carried over from my high school band, Groundscore. Listen to a recording of the original version here.

All footage filmed by Lojee.

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