Review: "Delightfully silly in both story and illustration..."

Holly von Winckel of Sequential Tart wrote a fantastic review XLK: Extreme Lost Kisses #1! Here's what she had to say:

Delightfully silly in both story and illustration, Extreme Lost Kisses #1 is the classic story of the professional day-saver, saving the day. Every page / panel evokes another cliche from the vast library of cliches attached to action films. About the time a reader begins to wonder what the payoff is going to be, or if there will even be a payoff, there it is.

Extreme Lost Kisses is a good example of how XKCD has not yet cornered the market on stick figure comics. Although the deadpan narration carries much of the weight of the story, the illustrations deftly bring the story real expressiveness. It is a good reminder that not all stick figures are created equal.

Thx, Holly!!!

Remember, XLK #1 is available digitally as a free PDF, so go read Extreme Lost Kisses #1 right now if you haven't already checked it out!