Review: "Simple, funny and cool."

Agent Burgos of Comic Book Therapy wrote an awesome review XLK: Extreme Lost Kisses #1 called Silbermedia: Mini-Comics On The Go!

Here's what he had to say:

I love how entertaining these mini-comics are. My favorite was Extreme Lost Kisses #1. ... The story is about one single soldier who possesses skills that even Rambo hasn't even dreamed about. Hilarious. Again this is no Marvel or DC Comic. These are comics created by guys who like to tell stories and do it for fun. It doesn't mean that they are not passionate about it, as a matter of fact, they are probably more passionate than some of the "mainstream" writers/artists out there. No joke.

Brian John Mitchell has some great ideas and his writing is something we can all relate to. He wants to tell you a story and he does, it's almost like you are either listening to him or you are so submerged in the comics, it's crazy. That's what I liked. Now Nick Marino's art, simple, funny and cool. Yes, the mini-comics are black and white, yes they are stick figures, but you have to look beyond that. Again you do not need a complicated landscape of inks and colors to tell a story.

Like one wise man once said: "Haters gonna hate". I don't. I liked it, and I am sure you will too. Obviously some people wont and that is totally OK. Listen I didn't used to like carrots, but one day my mom served them with lemon and salt, and now I cant stop eating them every day. I have super sight, yeah they are good for your sight, but that's beside the point, I am getting sidetracked here...

Granted, I didn't really need to include that last paragraph here in my recap, but I get a kick out of his carrot analogy.

Anyway, if you haven't already read XLK #1... WHY NOT? It's available digitally for free as a PDF. Read Extreme Lost Kisses #1 right now!

And Agent Burgos -- thx for the review!